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Tech-Lounge Offers Capacity management services to assess overall capacity needs for future business requirement. We perform analysis on Peak resource Utilization and Individual resource consumption by Application & Database Processes. How often capacity utilization validated and Do we know What are my bottlenecks or chokepoints?

Key Challenges for Capacity Management
  • Infrastructure scalability to meet business demand
  • Appropriate Sizing for effective H/W utilization and optimize license cost benefits.
  • Consistent Performance from existing IT infra & Applications
  • Evolving Technology

The analysis provide multi analysis towards IT Infrastructure and one can understand usage , scalability and Business continuity related concerns


Key Benefits of Capacity Management

The benefits of implementing Capacity Management in line with ITIL best practices include:

  • Utilize IT Infra systems and budget efficiently
  • Proactive management of systems to reduce incidents and Outages
  • Agility in technology Infrastructure - The foresight to anticipate and meet future capacity requirements before any business processes impact
  • Reduced risk of service degradation
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Right Sizing also lowers Software license costs

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